The Brief Overview About PTC – An Online Business Opportunity

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Have you learned about the PTC site?

PTC sites are also called as Paid To Clicks sites. They are the sites where you can join and earn money by just clicking ads in your web browser. It has been one of the most popular online business opportunities because of the easiness and the paying rate. There are in fact many PTC sites that offer such interesting payments with free investment. Indeed, you can join for free and start earning right away!

The other reason why it is so popular because being a PTC member does not require specific skills, effort and time to contribute. It mostly takes around 5 to 10 minutes a day to complete your tasks. Some folks allocate more time to get more members for the referral commission. PTC is the money making online method which can be done by everyone who has basic computer knowledge.

This easy online job opportunity is best for College students who are looking for additional allowances, housewives, and those who are interested in making money in their spare time. Even newbies are eligible to get this opportunity.

So, how does it basically work?

I can say that it starts from people who watch the TV for at least 2 hours per day. Now imagine that your favorite TV channels offer you money for watching the ads appear on their shows. Would you like to do that? Interesting, isn’t it? What really happens in PTC is similar to this.

The most trustworthy PTC sites like Clixsense and Neobux are just like your favorite TV channels which pay the viewers for the respective amount of $0.0001USD to $0.1USD for every ad you view in their websites. So all you need to do is open their site, click the ads and view it for few seconds. Once your view is confirmed, your escrow account will be added by few bucks. You need to open an account for free and login to your account at least once per day to view all the ads.

Online businesses and online marketers need to drive a huge amount of traffic to their sites. They pay a certain amount to PTC sites to buy traffic. You are their traffic. As the reward, you will earn some money from it.

Unlike the other online jobs, it does not require many things from you. All you need to have is PC or laptop with decent internet connection, active email, personal bank account or other methods of payment like Paypal or Payza. That’s it. It is indeed piece of cake, isn’t it?

How Much Can You Earn from paid to click sites?

If you are interested in making money online, especially by paid-to-click sites, this question surely comes to your mind. It is undeniable that online jobs, although they are easy, really bring concerns in term of earning potential. Is it worth your effort and time? Do you need to stick to this method? To answer these questions, there is no easy answer. It all depends on different factors.

First things first, I would like to clarify that paid-to-click ads is a riskless online job opportunity which can hardly make you rich. If you are enjoying to earn few bucks from paid to click sites, you should stick to it. But if you are looking for specific figures, I would not recommend this as your main faucet. But if applied properly, it can be a profitable making money method.

Usually, it is challenging to learn more money from paid-to-click services. It is undeniable that the amount of money you earn is not as big as your 9-5 job. Although you stick to it for a long time, you may not get your house in 5 years. Most people leave PTC sites after allocating such enormous amount of time to work. The myth needs to be broken down is that people think that they can’t make more money from PTC sites. I mentioned that it could hardly make you rich, but it is profitable indeed.

Does every PTC program worth our work?

On yearly basis, there are dozens new promising paid to click sites (while thousands of others are the scam). This proves that this business model is evergreen. You won’t be running out of options when it comes to paid-to-click jobs resources. I am not saying that building your own bux site is the one. It is about setting up your strategy.

As mentioned before, the basic understanding is so simple. You just need to click the ads to earn revenue from the advertisers. But it is not the end of the story. Although paid-to-click programs are an easy business model, that does not mean you can be lazy. Each site surely has referrals programs in which you can increase your earnings. Get as many direct referrals as you can to expand your business. Presuming you are joining more than one paid-to-click websites, you can also ask your referrals to join the other sites. This is how you will earn more money from this model of online earning.

So if you are not getting direct referrals, there is no point in joining paid-to-click sites. Well, the reason is simple. Each site has a different minimum amount of payout. Let’s say site A has $15 payout. How many days until you get paid if you only earn fifty cents a day? Working alone simply wastes your time. But working as a team (you and your referrals) will get you more income.



  • Oldest and most trusted program
  • Online since February 2007
  • Total members: over +7 mln
  • Total paid: +28 mln
  • Cashout minimum: $10
  • Payout options:  PAYONEER, SKRILL, DWOLLA, Tango Card, CHECK(US and CANADIAN)

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  • Second best paid to click service
  • Online since 2008
  • Total members: +10 mln
  • Total paid: +12 mln
  • Click rate: $0.001 – $0.02
  • Cashout minimum: $2 and increase by $1 for each cashout until it reaches $10. After that, cashout minimum will always be ten bucks.
  • Payout options: Skrill, Neteller

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  • Oldest PTC websites paying in Bitcoins
  • Online since April  2013
  • Click rate:up to 0.00000094 BTC
  • Cashout minimum:0.0001 Bitcoin
  • Payout options: COINPAYMENTS

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  • Hybrid of paid-to-click and revshare
  • Online since March 2015
  • Total members: +100k
  • Total paid: +171k
  • Click rate: $0.001-0.03
  • 2 Referral levels purchase Commission
  • Cashout minimum: $2
  • Payout options: Perfect Money, COINPAYMENTS, Payeer 

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  • Paid to click
  • Online since 2010
  • Total members:+500k
  • Total paid:+770k
  • Click rate:0.0001-0.01
  • Cashout minimum:$1

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  • Paid to click
  • Online since 2009
  • Total members: +700k
  • Total paid: +1,5mln
  • Click rate: 0.0001-0.01
  • Cashout minimum:$2

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  • Paid to click from very trusted admin
  • Online since 2011
  • Total members:+400k
  • Total paid:+640k
  • Click rate:0.001-0.04
  • Cashout minimum:$1.50 for first time payout then $3.00 – $5.00 – $7.00 and  $10.00 which will be always the min. cashout
  • Payout options: COINPAYMENTS, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney

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  • The Best and most popular Traffic Exchange 
  • Online since 2003.
  • Total members : +1.4mln.
  • 2 selections for surfing 2:1 15 secs or 1:1 20 seconds.
  • Surf rate: credits that can be used to promote your own websites, website banners, and text links.
  • Earn credits from referrals 5 levels deep.

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